Types of Utility Trailers

Utility trailers can move any kind of goods from one place to another, whether you need to go down the street or across the country. However, not all utility trailers are the same, so it’s important to choose the right trailer for loads you will be carrying. Here is a look at some of the […]

Loading a Car onto a Car Hauler

One of the many things that people use trailers for is to transport cars from one location to another. If you are going to use a trailer to transport a car, it is important to load it carefully to ensure it and the towing vehicle are stable. Follow these steps to load your car onto […]

What You Should Know About Tire Safety

Tire safety is integral to safe driving at any time, and it is even more critical when you are towing a trailer. There are several things you can do before you haul a trailer to make sure your tires are ready for the road. Follow this advice to reduce the risk of a tire issue […]

How to Safely Load and Unload Your Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are an essential part of work for many people, but it’s important to use them as safely as possible. Loading and unloading the racks can be dangerous if not done correctly, which puts not only you and your coworkers at risk but also other people on the road. If you have to transport […]

Trailer Maintenance Guidelines You Should Know

Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your trailer in top condition, so you can use it to tow safely. There are several maintenance tasks you should undertake after different intervals to make sure your trailer is always ready to go. Follow these recommendations for maintaining your trailer. Pre-Tow Maintenance Every time you’re getting ready […]

Tips for Financing Your New Trailer

If you’re in need of a new trailer, the price tag doesn’t have to stand in your way. APC Trailers works with Sheffield Financial, one of the most reputable lenders in the business, to assist with trailer financing. If you’re considering financing your trailer purchase, these tips will help. Gather All of the Information You […]

Top Reasons to Rent a Trailer

Trailers are easy to use and versatile, making them popular with people who tow large cargo professionally and people who enjoy sports vehicles and boats in their off-time. There are lots of things you can do with a rental trailer and reasons that renting is a better option for some people than buying one. Here […]

Tips for Crossing State Lines with Your Boat in Tow

When you attach your boat to your trailer and hit the road, you may not think about what it means to cross state lines. After all, when you’re in your car, the only real difference when driving from one state to the next is passing a welcome sign—at least, that’s how it seems. In reality, […]

Safety Reminders for When You Hit the Dunes

Riding your ATV or other off-road vehicle through the dunes may be thrilling, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t take the appropriate safety precautions. After you tow your ATV to the dunes, make sure your day doesn’t end in disaster by keeping these safety tips in mind. Wear Protective Gear Never use […]

How to Hitch a Trailer

When you’re using a trailer, hitching it safely to your tow vehicle is essential. Without proper hitching, your car and trailer will feel out of control, and in a worst-case scenario, you could tip over or lose your trailer. When you are towing a trailer, follow these steps to make sure you hitch it to […]