Where Are the Best Off-Roading Trails Near Tucson?

Tucson and Southern Arizona are well-known for amazing scenery and off-roading trails. It is easy to load motorcycles and ATVs onto a trailer and head out for a day of riding or for an overnight camping excursion. Let’s take a closer look at the best off-roading trails to enjoy.

Santa Rita OHV Routes

The Santa Rita OHV routes are made of rocky 4×4 trails and sandy washes. All vehicle types are permitted in the area. However, many of the trails cannot be accessed with motorcycles. It is best to tow in large vehicles that can traverse the rocky trails.

Redington Pass

Redington Pass is one of the most popular areas in Tucson for riding, hiking, and camping. The main access road may be difficult to drive trailers up, because it is steep and long. However, there is ample space at the main staging area for large vehicles to turn around or off-load smaller vehicles.

Charouleau Gap

The Charouleau Gap is a 4×4 trail with a variety of rocky washes, ruts, and steep climbs. It is possible to trailer in motorcycles and ATVs. However, larger, 4×4 vehicles are better suited for this location.

St. David Pits

The St. David Pits are located about an hour’s drive southeast of Tucson. It is an unmaintained location made of mostly hard-packed trails. All vehicles types—such as motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs—are permitted in this area. Visitors can stage their trucks and trailers a short way from the Pits and ride in toward the canyon.

M.C. Motorsports Park

M.C. Motorsports Park is a well-kept, large facility with four tracks. These tracks are made of mostly loose dirt that form a variety of hills for large and small jumps. The Motorsports Park can be run by novice, amateur, and expert riders of motorcycles and ATVs. The Park is also set up for night riding, picnicking, and spectating.

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