APC Equipment and Trailers 30 Year Anniversary Celebration Event!

APC is proud to announce we’re celebrating our 30th year serving the Arizona communities for trailer needs. We’d like to extend our thanks to customers across Arizona. We will be offering free delivery on our trailers up to 150 miles. Each additional mile will be charged accordingly. Please take advantage of this offer while it lasts. This is also in addition to our low tax rate of 8.6%! Lots of money savings for you! Please call or stop in today to meet with our family of staff members and get yourself a new trailer! Click Here for Our Inventory

Terms and Conditions:

Trailers must be a value of $4,000 or more before taxes on any open style trailers. (Car haulers, dump trailers, equipment trailers, aluminum trailers, etc)

Enclosed trailers must be a value of $6,000 or more before taxes.

Delivery must be agreed upon at time of purchase. 30 mile delivery minimum. Credits for delivery fees not provided. Not valid on previous purchases. Not to be combined with additional discounts or savings.

Deposits are required at time of purchase/order. Remaining balance must be paid upon delivery with cashiers check or prior to arrival with bank wire. Credit accepted at additional fee.

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