Where Can You Take Your Boat When You Live in Arizona?

Owning a boat in Arizona may sound odd for people unfamiliar with the state’s diverse landscape, but there are many opportunities for desert dwellers to get on the water in all types of watercraft. Whether you love to waterski, jet ski, or spend leisurely afternoons fishing on the water, you do not have to go far to get your boat or watercraft onto the water. In addition to nearby boating destinations in Mexico and California, you can hitch up your boat trailer and head to these top destinations right in your backyard.

Lake Pleasant
Not only is Lake Pleasant the largest lake in the Phoenix area, but it welcomes all types of boaters, from those looking to sail, those wanting high-speed adventures, and those who want a luxurious cruise on the water. There are two boat ramps and ample parking at the lake’s marina, and you can enjoy the lake year-round with beautiful views of dramatic desert landscape all around.

Lake Mead and Lake Mohave
In Northern Arizona, you can explore lakes Mead and Mohave, which are on the northeastern border of the state, close to Las Vegas. These huge lakes showcase beautiful rock formations all around, and they welcome boaters in both open water and private coves.

Lake Sonoita
Boating options are a bit more limited on Lake Sonoita, as there are not jet skis and other types of personal watercraft allowed on the Southern Arizona lake. You can, however, take high-speed boats on the west end of the lake to ride with unlimited speed and water ski.

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