Changing a Flat Tire on Your Trailer

If you are hauling an ATV, second vehicle, or RV, you will need to know the essentials of trailer maintenance and safety to prevent accidents on the road. Sometimes, however, incidents are not preventable, so you may encounter some issues that you need to know how to deal with. A flat tire is one of the more common maintenance issues you might see with your trailer, but there’s no need to panic when you follow these steps:

Use the Right Equipment
Changing a tire on a trailer isn’t all that different from changing a tire on your vehicle, but you will need to appropriate equipment for the trailer itself. A normal car jack probably won’t do the job, so ask your trailer repair company about the right kind of trailer lifting chock or jack for your needs. You should also have the right wrenches and work gloves on hand in a repair kit that you keep in your vehicle when your trailer is hitched.

Pull Off to a Safe Work Area
Just like with a flat tire on your car, you will want to have plenty of space safely away from traffic to change the tire. Pull off to a safe work area as soon as you notice a flat, and call for roadside assistance if you are able. When you pull off the road, be sure to slowly ease onto the brake and keep both hands on the wheel gently bring the vehicle and trailer to a stop.

Assess for Further Damage
A flat tire may be just that, or it could be accompanied by other issues depending on the cause of the flat. If you hit a pothole or a curb, a flat could be just one component of the damage. Keep an eye out for any other damaged parts when you change the tire, and head to the repair shop right away if you notice issues with alignment or steering.

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