FAQs About Towing Your UTV/ATV Safely

When you’re taking your UTV/ATV from point A to point B, chances are you’ll be towing it. It’s important to follow certain safety rules to make sure your UTV/ATV  gets there in good condition and that the towing process doesn’t put you or other drivers at risk. Here are the answers to some questions drivers often have about safe UTV/ATV towing.

What kind of trailer do I need?

The trailer you need depends on the dimensions of your UTV/ATV. The width of the UTV/ATV is measurement that can cause complications with trailers, so know exactly what you need before you select a trailer. You should also check the max weight of any trailer you are considering using and make sure it can accommodate your UTV/ATV. Don’t risk using a trailer that doesn’t meet the size or weight requirements of your UTV/ATV. Doing so could make it difficult to maneuver your vehicle and allow your UTV/ATV to roll off or otherwise become damaged.

How do I load my UTV/ATV?

Before you load your UTV/ATV onto the trailer, make sure the hand brake is on in the towing vehicle. Place ratchet straps on the tie-down rings, and move the UTV/ATV onto the trailer, ensuring that the heaviest part of the UTV/ATV—usually the front—is at the front of the trailer. This is the 60/40 rule, which states that 60% of the weight of an item in a trailer should be at the front, with 40% in the back, for safe weight distribution. Use ratchet straps to secure the UTV/ATV to the trailer at the attachment points recommended by the UTV/ATV manufacturer.

Do I need to change my driving while towing my UTV/ATV?

Anytime you are towing, it’s a good idea to change the way you drive. Drive slower than normal, and allow additional stopping distance. Be sure you can see your trailer as well as the traffic behind it in your side mirrors, and periodically stop to ensure that the UTV/ATV is secure.


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