How to Safely Load and Unload Your Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are an essential part of work for many people, but it’s important to use them as safely as possible. Loading and unloading the racks can be dangerous if not done correctly, which puts not only you and your coworkers at risk but also other people on the road. If you have to transport ladders, here is what you need to know about loading and unloading your racks safely.

Always Secure the Ladders

Driving without securing your ladders is extremely dangerous to you and everyone else. This is true even if you don’t use the ladder racks and put the ladders in the bed of a truck or trailer. Use straps that are designed specifically to secure your ladders’ sizes and weights. Even going a short distance without securing your ladders is risky, so always err on the side of caution and use the straps.

Be Aware of Weight Distribution

Loading up your ladder racks can alter the aerodynamics of your car, which will change the way it handles. This is especially the case for high-profile vehicles, such as vans, that are equipped with racks. The best way to maintain control of your handling is to distribute the weight evenly across the racks. Avoid overloading your ladder racks, as the excess weight could cause your vehicle to tip. Excessive weight also increases the stopping distance of your vehicle.

Secure Moving Sections of the Ladders

Any sections of your ladders that move should be secured before you load them onto racks. Double check them after you have strapped down the ladders to ensure that they are still secured, so that they remain secure during transit. Before you unload them, check again that the parts are secured. For long extension ladders, always use two people to load and unload them.

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