What to Know Before You Buy a UTV

Utility Terrain Vehicles, or UTVs, are popular vehicles used for driving off-road on different types of trails. If you are buying a new or used UTV, then read on for some crucial information to help you get started.

There Are Different Models

Just as there are a variety of brands and models for trucks, cars, and trailers, there are several different brands and models for UTVs. Most models will have a similar shape or loading capacity. However, each model can have its own unique features that separates it from the rest. For example, one UTV model might offer more storage space or more comfortable seats. It is important to understand what you want in your UTV and research the different brands and models that might accommodate those desires.

Engine Fluids Are Important

Your everyday car or truck requires routine maintenance, such as changing the engine oil, maintaining the tires, and checking the fluid levels. Your UTV will require many of the same types of maintenance. The most important engine fluids in your UTV are engine oil and coolant. Check both for any signs that they are low or dirty. If the oil or coolant appear too low, grainy, or dirty, then it could be a sign the seller has not taken care of the UTV in the past. This may lead to future problems that could make you regret your purchase.

Frames Tell Stories

UTVs are used to drive off-road, which can equal some dings and scratches on the outside of the vehicle. However, it is possible for UTVs to flip over and become severely damaged. Always inspect a potential purchase for large damages. Ensure the vehicle is on a flat surface and inspect it from all sides for any inconsistencies in the frame. This inspection may save you from future issues with worn tires and unsafe driving conditions.

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