What to Know Before You Tow a Car Long-Distance

If you’ve got a long trip coming up, preparation is key to getting through it in one piece. When you have a car in tow, you have to worry about the vehicle you’re driving, the one you’re towing, and the trailer that holds the other car. Keep reading and learn what you need to know before you tow a car long-distance.

How Much Towing Capacity Your Truck Has

It helps to know what your truck can handle before you decide on—or even start looking at—a trailer to tow behind it. It might not be a good idea to max out your truck’s towing capacity, as this will affect your fuel economy and may make it difficult to maneuver your vehicle.

What Kind of Trailer to Use

Now that you know how much towing capacity your truck can take on, you’re one step closer to finding the perfect trailer. Open trailers tend to be better for cars, but a closed trailer can be an excellent choice if you’re transporting a motorcycle. If you’re on the fence, the professionals can help you compare your options.

How to Check Your Rig

No matter how well you know your truck, you still need to inspect it before taking a long trip. When you add a trailer to the mix, you add several other elements to stay on top of: the trailer, the other vehicle, and the connection to the vehicle you’re driving. Never embark on a long-distance trip without checking out each element of your rig and the connections between them. If you skip this step, you could easily find your road trip cut short.


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