Loading a Car onto a Car Hauler

One of the many things that people use trailers for is to transport cars from one location to another. If you are going to use a trailer to transport a car, it is important to load it carefully to ensure it and the towing vehicle are stable. Follow these steps to load your car onto a car hauler.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Towing

Start by checking your owner’s manual. It will tell you what it needs to know about towing your specific car. Remove any items in the car before you start towing, as they will add weight to your vehicle, could make it too heavy for the hauler you have. Adding extra weight to your vehicle could also make it difficult to control the hauler when you are towing. Next, line your car up with the car hauler’s ramps, making sure that they are both on a flat surface. Double-check the coupler and safety chains on the hauler to make sure that they are secure. Put the vehicle being used for towing in park and engage the parking brake.

Drive the Car on the Hauler

Start by pulling up the ratchet handle to release the tire straps. Lower the fender on the driver’s side and the loading ramps, ensuring that the ramps are extended completely. Making sure the car being towed is centered with the hauler, drive up on the ramps slowly until you reach the front of the trailer. Engage the parking brake before exiting.

Secure the Car

Attach the straps to the front tires and wrap them through the ratchet spool. Before lowering the ratchet handle, fix the chains to the car frame, looping them through a few times in both the front and the back of the car. Slide the ramps back into place, and raise the fender.

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