Practice these Golden Rules of ATV Safety

Riding an ATV is exciting in any circumstance, but it can be dangerous as well. Having your ATV tuned up helps, and knowing how to handle yourself safely can make a huge difference. ATVs are not quite as powerful as your typical passenger vehicle, and it’s a lot easier to crash or fall, so wear protective gear and always go out with a friend.

Don’t Underestimate Your Vehicle
It doesn’t matter how good you are at driving your coupe, sedan, or even commercial vehicle—riding an ATV will always be a much different experience. Don’t think of your ATV like a toy, because it isn’t. Every rider should understand the differences between driving an ATV and driving a regular road vehicle, because there are very different dangers to be worried about. It’s much easier to fall off of an ATV on an off-road course than to fall out of a car or truck. Respect your vehicle and drive safely, even if you’re in the heat of competition.

Wear Protective Gear
You’ll probably fall off your ATV quite a few times if you ride it regularly enough, especially if you’re a beginner. Whether this is your first time on an all-terrain vehicle or you’ve been riding for years, the right protective gear can still be the difference between a trip to the hospital and a comfortable ride home.

Ride with a Partner
Off-roading can be dangerous, and it’s even more dangerous if you go out by yourself. If you get injured while you’re riding your ATV, you need someone there to bring you to safety, call the appropriate medics, or even just comfort you while you get over the spill.

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