How the Right Trailer Can Improve Your Landscaping Business

It pays to get creative when you’re thinking of ways to improve your business, so leave no stone unturned. Owning a trailer makes it easy to transport your equipment, and renting one saves you money. However, you can’t advertise on a rental like you can on a trailer you own, so weigh your options. Here’s how the right trailer can improve your landscaping business.

Easily Transport Your Tools

It takes a wide variety of tools to run a landscaping business, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Having a trailer allows you to transport your lawnmowers, weedwhackers, and rakes to every appointment with ease. Think about what type of equipment you use and how much of it you have when choosing your trailer size.

Save Money with Rentals

You don’t necessarily need to own a trailer in order to reap the benefits. If you need a trailer to use temporarily while yours is in the shop or you’re just not sure if you want to fully commit yet, you can rent one. Renting a trailer saves you money because you can just pay to use it during certain time frames rather than outright purchase your own. Plus, maintenance won’t be your responsibility, and you won’t need a place to store the trailer.

Advertise on Your Vehicle

There are countless ways to advertise your business, and your options are only limited by your creativity. If you decide to purchase a trailer for your landscaping business, you also purchase free advertising. Paint your logo and phone number on your trailer, and you’ll advertise your business everywhere you go. When people from around the neighborhood need landscaping done, your trailer will come to their minds.


If you’re interested in purchasing or renting a trailer, APC Trailers and Equipment can be of service. Look through our website or call us at (520) 574-1968 if you have questions about our trailers.

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