Safety Checks to Make Before You Tow

Using your vehicle for towing is safe and convenient, as long as you take the time to make the appropriate security checks. There are a few things you should examine on your vehicle and trailer before every tow, to prevent mishaps on the road that could endanger you and other drivers. Before you start towing, take these safety precautions to ensure a safe experience.

Brake Lights

Malfunctioning brake lights are to blame for many accidents while towing. If drivers behind you can’t see that you are slowing down, then they can easily run into the back of your trailer. Test your brake lights before you leave, and make sure that they are visible on both your trailer and your vehicle. Don’t rely on vehicle brake lights alone, even if you think that they can be seen by other drivers. Your trailer should also have functioning brake lights for added safety.

Tire Pressure

Driving with tire pressure that is too high or too low is dangerous at the best of times, but the risk gets even higher when you’re towing. Check your tire pressure before each tow, and make adjustments by filling or releasing air as needed. The extra weight of the tow will put even more strain on your tires, so you run a higher risk of experiencing a blowout if your tire pressure is not right. Additionally, low tire pressure will also reduce your fuel efficiency, which is already a significant issue when towing.


Whatever you are towing should be secured and protected by tie downs. Check the cargo before you start towing, and recheck it every time to stop. Make sure the tie downs are secure and will prevent the cargo from slipping while you’re driving.

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