Safety Reminders for When You Hit the Dunes

Riding your ATV or other off-road vehicle through the dunes may be thrilling, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t take the appropriate safety precautions. After you tow your ATV to the dunes, make sure your day doesn’t end in disaster by keeping these safety tips in mind.

Wear Protective Gear

Never use an ATV or other off-road vehicle on sand dunes—or anywhere else—without wearing helmet. Your helmet should fit snugly on your head and be in good condition, free of any damage. Gloves and goggles are also a must. Wear full pants and sleeves to protect yourself from flying sand—many people prefer to wear riding pants, boots, and padding. Not only will wearing the right protective gear protect you in an accident, but it will also make riding the dunes more comfortable since you won’t be stung by whipping sand or banged up from the bumps.

Don’t Cross Straight Over Ridges

When you’re going up a dune, you can’t see who may be going up the other side. For this reason, you should never pass straight over a ridge. Approach ridges from the side, so you can see who is over the top before you cross. It can helpful to approach with the ridge on your side as you’re driving, which will give you the best view of what is happening on the other side.

Use a Whip Flag

Just as it is your responsibility to look out for other drivers, it is also necessary to do everything you can to make yourself visible. A whip flag helps other drivers see you, even through clouds of sand. They can also make you more visible to drivers who are on the other side of the dunes.


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