Tackling Mountain Roads with Your Trailer

When you are towing with a trailer, mountain driving can require some special care. If you’re planning on hitting mountain roads with your trailer on board, these tips will make it easier to stay—and feel—in control on elevated passes.

Know Your Trailer’s Weight Limit

Sticking to your trailer’s maximum weight limit is a safety requirement on even the tamest of roads, but it becomes especially critical when you are driving in the mountains. In addition to knowing your trailer’s weight, know exactly how much your vehicle can safely tow. Ideally, when you are driving in the mountains, you should stay below the towing and weight maximums for your vehicle and trailer, since the ups and downs of mountain roads will already put extra stress on your vehicle. If your weight is more than half of the recommended maximum, you may have to adjust your speed.

Have Your Trailer Inspected

Before a mountain journey with your trailer, take it into the dealer for a checkup. During an inspection, your trailer repair service can pinpoint any issues and fix them before you’re on the road. This includes everything from your brake lights to your tires. Your anti-sway control can be particularly helpful in the mountains, so ensure this is in good working order before you hit the road. Avoid skimping on repairs, so that your trailer operates the way you expect it to when you’re in the mountains.

Check the Map

Some mountain roads are tame and easily manageable by vehicles with trailers. Others are steep, single-lane passes with a series of switchbacks that are subject to sudden, intense snowstorms. Know which kinds of roads are on your trip, and plan accordingly. The worst time to find out that a road is difficult to navigate with a trailer is when you are already on it.


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