Tips for Conserving Gas When Towing Your Boat

Towing your boat is part of enjoying a day on the water, but the fuel costs of the tow can make some people decide to stay on dry land. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to save money at the gas pump when you’re towing your boat. This advice will help you maximize your gas mileage while towing, so you can focus on enjoying the destination.

Check Your Tires

When you’re towing—and even when you’re not—your tire pressure can have a significant impact on your gas mileage. Before every tow, make sure your tires are inflated to the pressure recommended in your owner’s manual. Ensuring that your tires are inflated correctly will not only help you save money on gas, but it will also reduce the risk of experiencing a potentially dangerous blowout while you are towing.

Lighten Your Load

The less weight you can tow, the better. Don’t put anything in your tow vehicle or in your boat that you don’t need for this specific trip. Make sure your boat’s live well, bait tank, and other components are completely empty. Carrying around water will add a significant amount of weight to your boat, which in turn will demand much more power to tow. As a result, you will have to fill up much more frequently.

Reduce Your Speed

Decreasing speed increases fuel efficiency, even when you only go five miles per hour slower. Going slower is also safer when you are towing. Try to maintain a slow, steady speed when you’re towing, as repeatedly pumping the brakes will increase your fuel usage. However, don’t maintain your speed with cruise control, especially in the mountains. The cruise control demands a significant amount of fuel as it tries to compensate for going up and down hills.


A well-maintained trailer is also important to managing your gas use when towing your boat. Let APC Trailers help you keep your trailer in top condition for reliable—and affordable—towing. Find out more about our trailers in Tucson by calling (520) 574-1968.

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