Tips for Financing Your New Trailer

If you’re in need of a new trailer, the price tag doesn’t have to stand in your way. APC Trailers works with Sheffield Financial, one of the most reputable lenders in the business, to assist with trailer financing. If you’re considering financing your trailer purchase, these tips will help.

Gather All of the Information You Need Before Applying

When you apply for financing, you will need certain information to complete your application. Naturally, you will need the usual information you need for all credit applications, including your name, address, how long you’ve lived at the address, and whether you own or rent. You will also need your Social Security number and driver’s license number.

In addition to this personal information, you will need to give details about your employment and income. You will need to provide your current employer and your employer’s contact information. You will also need to state your job title, how long you’ve been with your employer, and what your gross monthly income. Lastly, you will need the name of a relative who does not live with you and his or her contact information, who is willing to be a reference for you.

Know What Kind of Trailer You Want

Before you can be financed, you will need to know what kind of trailer you want. Ideally, you should have a brand and model in mind. This information helps the financing company determine the appropriate loan amount for your needs. It also helps you decide how much money you want to borrow, which is also information that the loan company will request.

Look for Financing Specials

Often, financing specials can make buying your trailer even more attractive. Check with APC Trailers to find out about promotions, such as zero dollar down and no interest for six months on financing.

APC Trailers is here to answer all of your questions about buying a trailer in Tucson. Contact us today at (520) 574-1968 for more information.

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