Tips for Towing Your Classic Car

Although your classic car might be perfectly drivable, you don’t want to put unnecessary miles on it, especially if you’re just bringing it along to sell it or show it off. That’s why some people like to tow their cars to their destinations. Keep reading for some helpful tips for towing your classic car.

Pick the Right Trailer
If you care enough about your car to tow it somewhere rather than drive it, you should care enough to tow it the right way. Start by choosing the right kind of trailer for your vehicle. Consider the different types of materials your trailer can be made from, as well as whether you want an open or enclosed setup. Metal decks are easier to clean, and the lightweight properties of aluminum can improve your fuel efficiency. An enclosed trailer protects your car from the elements, and the back-door acts as a ramp for easy storage and retrieval.

Get Your Trailer Repaired
No matter what model trailer you have or how superb it was when you first got it, you must keep it maintained. If you have a problem with your trailer, every time you use it you’ll put your classic car at risk. See your trailer mechanic and have yours repaired whenever there’s a problem. This will prevent the problem from developing and keep your car safe.

Check Your Trailer
Always check your trailer before you take a trip. Look for loose connections, blown lights, and other factors that could affect the performance and safety of your trailer. When you inspect your trailer and determine that it’s in good shape, you can rest assured that your classic car will be fine.

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