These Trailer Errors Will Get You Pulled Over

When you hit the road with your rig, you must go over more than just the actual vehicle you’re driving before you put your foot to the gas pedal. Issues with your trailer can cause problems for other people on the road, and sometimes they can land you with a ticket as well. Continue reading for a look at some trailer errors that can get you pulled over.

Driving on a Parkway
It’s crucial to understand the rules of the road when you travel to different areas. Parkways often don’t allow for trailers, so if you’re caught driving with one on this kind of road, you’ll probably be pulled over.

Not Checking Your Trailer
You always check your vehicle before taking off, so you should look at your trailer at the same time. Make sure the tires are inflated, the taillights are working, and the license plate is visible. Problems with any of these components can damage the cargo you’re hauling in addition to warranting a ticket from the police.

Not Having License Plates
Every vehicle on the road needs to have license plates, and every other driver on the road needs to be able to see them. Since the trailer you’re towing behind your vehicle will hide the plates on the back of your truck, you need to display a license plate on the back of your trailer as well. It’s difficult to identify an erratic driver if you can’t see his or her plates, so a trailer without plates can quickly turn into a ticket.

If you keep your vehicle and trailer in shape and drive according to the law, there aren’t many reasons to be pulled over. APC Trailers and Equipment would be happy to help you care for your trailer, so look through our website or call us at (520) 574-1968 today.

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