Trailer Maintenance Guidelines You Should Know

Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your trailer in top condition, so you can use it to tow safely. There are several maintenance tasks you should undertake after different intervals to make sure your trailer is always ready to go. Follow these recommendations for maintaining your trailer.

Pre-Tow Maintenance

Every time you’re getting ready to tow, your trailer will need some last-minute maintenance. Check the operation of the breakaway battery and all braking systems, making adjustments are necessary. Examine the safety chains, hooks, coupler, and hitch ball for cracks, wear, and flats. If you notice any damage, replace them. Check the tire pressure and adjust as needed. Tighten any lug nuts, bolts, or hubs that may be loose.

Short-Term Maintenance

Once a month, you should lubricate the gate and hinges on the trailer, so that they don’t become dry and rusty. Every six months, you should go through a deeper inspection of your trailer, during which you can all of the components that you check during your pre-tow maintenance in addition to a few other parts. During the six-month inspection, check the tire tread and sidewalls. If the tread is thin or the sidewalls bulge, then replace them. Tires should be rotated every six months. Adjust the brake shoes and rums, and look for damaged wheel bearings. Wheel bearings should be lubricated during your six-month check.

Annual Maintenance

Once per year, check the brake shoes and drums for wearing, and replace them as needed. Grease the jack and drop-leg, and inspect all structural components. Make any necessary repairs. Disassemble and inspect the wheel bearings. Replace them if they are immersed in water, or reassemble and repack them if they are fine. Check the brake wiring for flaws, and replace it if necessary.

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