Types of Utility Trailers

Utility trailers can move any kind of goods from one place to another, whether you need to go down the street or across the country. However, not all utility trailers are the same, so it’s important to choose the right trailer for loads you will be carrying. Here is a look at some of the most common kinds of utility trailers.

Open Trailers

Open trailers are popular because they are the lowest-priced option. These kinds of trailers don’t have any kind of cover, so anything being carried in them will be exposed to the elements. Some people tie tarps over the trailer to offer some protection, but a tarp can’t completely cover the items. If you use your open trailer in areas in which bad weather is a common concern, then this kind of trailer may not be right for you, even though it may be the most economical option. Alternatively, if you are carrying items that are too large to be enclosed in other kinds of trailers, an open trailer is likely to be the best choice.

Enclosed Trailers

As the name suggests, enclosed trailers have beds that are enclosed on the sides and top. These kinds of trailers are good for keeping your items safe from weather damage, and they will also help to reduce the risk of theft. These trailers are especially practical for traveling long distances, since they protect your items from changing weather conditions and keep them secure on bumpy roads, but they can’t carry oversized items that are too tall for the trailers.

Sports Utility Trailers

If you’re using a trailer to transport mainly small, recreational gear, then a sports utility trailer could be the right fit. These trailers are lightweight, so they don’t add as much weight to the towing vehicle.

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