Water Tank Trailers


APC only carries the very best quality in water trailers. We can meet anyone’s needs, whether it be a 4’x8′ w/ a 325 gallon tank for your small jobs or a 7’x14′ with a 1,025 gallon tank for you hard working contractors looking to wash down your equipment or dust control on the jobsite. Load Trail offers the best built trailer with the most standard features and superior construction to make it the highest quality water trailers on the road.

Load Trail, Inc. started out in 1996 with few resources, but has grown into a thriving business that will continue growing as the years pass. Although we have grown, one thing will always stay the same: To us, you will always be number one. Not only do we produce high quality products at competitive prices but we will always go out of our way to achieve the best customer service possible.